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Mechanical Technologist

Building Mechanical Design and Cost Estimating

In this position, you will train as a designer and cost estimator for building mechanical systems (HVAC, plumbing and other) under the supervision of a professional engineer and an experienced cost estimator. Your success will expand DGH Engineering’s national reach while simultaneously developing your personal skills as a specialist in your field.

Mechanical design responsibilities will include the design of building mechanical systems including sewer, plumbing, HVAC and hydronic heating. In addition, you will participate in construction quality control activities including interim construction site inspections and commissioning of mechanical systems and equipment. Assignments will include a wide range of new and renovated residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Cost estimating responsibilities will include project coordination, cost estimating and tendering support for mechanical and electrical works on new buildings and building renovations. You will need to acquire a solid understanding of contracts, specifications, and construction methods and procedures. You will attain knowledge of key principles involved in bid preparation, including quantity take off procedures, project scheduling, sub-trade procurement, pricing and bid closing procedures.