Dasmesh School Opens for the 2021-2022 School Year

November 12, 2021

Dasmesh School, Manitoba's first independent school to serve the local Sikh community, opened its new location this year with the help of DGH! DGH was able to complete the project with an accelerated timeframe using our proven approach to project planning. DGH's reputation within the local construction industry resulted in a precipitous and fruitful relationship between DGH and the main stakeholders for this project. Dasmesh School offers programming using the standardized Manitoba Education K-10, in addition to programming tailored to preserving rich Punjabi cultural traditions.

Dasmesh School required all of the facilities and amenities appropriate for a school servicing a growing student body - currently over two-hundred-and-fifty students - and provided an opportunity for DGH to incorporate cutting-edge building science and energy modeling techniques into the school's design. DGH worked diligently to allow barrier-free access throughout the building to allow for best practices in inclusive education across the curriculum at Dasmesh School.

DGH has is currently leading the way in Energy Modeling in Manitoba and across Canada. Energy Modeling provides our clients the opportunity to explore different options to decrease their carbon footprint and Green House Gas emissions. The options explored through this technique often allow for cost savings over the lifetime of a building and its systems, and help mitigate a facility's impact on the environment. Dasmesh School was a project that benefited from Energy Modeling by using a comprehensive approach that took into account the design of all systems in the facility and was able to significantly reduce the project's carbon footprint over its lifetime.

The team here at DGH wishes Dasmesh's class of 2022 all the best this year!


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