DGH Does Precast Right

December 30, 2021

DGH is a leader in precast concrete engineering. We recently provided engineering design for structural precast concrete panels for the construction of an elevator shaft in a brand-new residential complex in Gimli, Manitoba. Precast concrete was a fantastic choice for this project, thanks to its fire resistance and the schedule control provided by offsite production.

Precast concrete is an excellent choice for construction in Manitoba, where unpredictable weather and long winters can create schedule delays for site-cast concrete projects or other projects requiring significant on-site fabrication. Precast concrete can be poured and cured off-site and delivered and installed on-site, minimizing the schedule delays resulting from poor weather conditions. Precast concrete can also be delivered the day of construction, minimizing the need for additional on-site material storage. Precast concrete also provides benefits to construction in remote areas or areas with limited access by reducing the need for specialized equipment and vehicles being transported to site.

Multi-unit residential buildings and other commercial buildings also benefit from precast concrete construction, as concrete provides some of the highest achievable ratings for fire-resistance and sound transmission. DGH is very pleased with the outcomes we have achieved in partnership with Parkview Precast to deliver a safe and reliable design for this elevator shaft. We are especially glad to know the residents of this new Gimli Housing Complex can feel safe in their new home.


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