Crescent Point Energy Corporation Office Building

Client: Crescent Point Energy Corporation
Prime Consultant: DGH Engineering Ltd.
Location: Carlyle, Saskatchewan

Crescent Point Energy Corporation retained DGH's services to meet their unique needs. Crescent Point required their new office building to be completed on a site with a long footprint and adjacent services that added constraints to the design and construction at the site. DGH was able to provide a novel approach that met the functional needs of the client and provided curb appeal, while executing the project in a cost-effective manner.

The facility serves field staff and logistics control for a mid-size regional oilfield company. The Crescent Point facility was designed to be barrier-free to create greater accessibility for all staff. The design addressed the client's need for separated locker room and storage on with 24/7 access, while ensuring the facility's access points met the client's security needs.

The Crescent Point facility included a logistic command centre. As such, special provisions for enhanced connectivity including local radio networking and internet services were provided. In addition, a dedicated emergency electricity generator was provided to ensure the facility could remain online and fully functional in the event of a local power failure. In addition, a special computerized control room was designed and provided from which logistics for local oil collection and rail car loading for oil trans-shipment was managed.

The facility was constructed using a structural steel frame on a concrete pile foundation. The facility was of non-combustible construction and unsprinklered. The project was delivered under a design build arrangement and was completed on schedule and within budget. The owner was very pleased with the outcome and would be very pleased to work with the design build team on future projects.



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