Elmers Manufacturing Paint and Assembling Building Expansion

Client: Elmers Manufacturing Ltd.
Prime Consultant: DGH Engineering Ltd.
Location: Altona, Manitoba

In 2019, Elmers Manufacturing engaged DGH to manage all aspects of engineering design, tendering, commissioning, and construction for their Paint and Assembly Building Expansion in Altona, Manitoba. DGH provided its multi-disciplinary expertise for the design of a 3,447 square-meter addition to a single-storey building used for the production and assembly of industrial farming equipment. The design phase used Energy Modeling techniques as part of a holistic approach to building design. Energy Modeling provides options for sustainable construction methods and energy efficiency, and often offers a greater return on investment over the lifecycle of a building and its systems.

DGH sought outside advice and expertise from numerous subtrades, including geotechnical firms, to ensure this project met the needs of the client. By engaging geotechnical experts, DGH was able to create a structural design that would suit the specific needs of a building used for the manufacture and assembly of industrial farming equipment. This type of assembly requires buildings with wide uninterrupted interior floor plans and significant ceiling height. DGH worked diligently to ensure our design was practical and structurally sound.



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