Morden Home Hardware and Building Centre

Client: Four Seven Ventures
Prime Consultant: DGH Engineering Ltd.
Location: Morden, Manitoba

In 2018, DGH Engineering Ltd. began its collaboration with Four Seven Ventures to build a brand-new Home Hardware and Building Centre in Morden, Manitoba. The proposed facility was 2,458 square meters and relied on DGH's project planning and management abilities, as well as our professional connections in architecture and construction, to create a commercial hardware store that resulted in a very satisfied client. The Owner/Operator of Morden Home Hardware Building Centre was not only satisfied with the end result, but also with the project from its commencement to completion.

I want to thank the DGH team for being very supportive throughout the entire process always listeing to out concerns, willing to figure out changes where we needed them and being promptly responsive to our questions.

Your team also cared well for the needs of the subcontractors and trades throughout the construction. We all found that your team were very receptive and accommodating when alternatives were approved, to expedite the work and achieve our common goal.

David Janzen
Morden Home Hardware Building Centre

In addition to our excellent communication and project management skills, DGH was able to provide our Energy Modeling services. Not only is energy efficiency becoming an important part of compliance with building code in Manitoba, Energy Modeling also provides our clients the opportunity to make design decisions that offer a greater return on investment over the lifecycle of the building through the use of energy efficient materials. DGH appreciated the opportunity to partner with Four Seven Venture and Morden Home Hardware and Building Centre for the entirety of this project, from design through commissioning.


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