Recreational Splash Pads

Client: Multiple Clients
DGH's Typical Role: Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Engineering
Location: Manitoba, Canada

Public splash pads and spray pads have become an important part of life in Manitoba. These outdoor recreational facilities provided respite from the heat for many, as summer highs in the prairies are reaching thirty-five degrees and higher for significant portions of the summer months. Splash pads and spray pads require multi-disciplinary engineering firms, and DGH has become a respected engineering and design consultant for these projects throughout Manitoba.

DGH has partnered with several firms to ensure that municipal splash pads provide a combination of curb appeal, recreational fun and function, and sustainable design. For these projects, we have used systems that include retain-and-reuse takes to recapture waste water for the purpose of watering municipal plants. Other projects have benefited from the use multiple filtration methods to recapture water to be recycled into the system that serves the splash pad. DGH has enjoyed completing these projects, as they add significant value to urban spaces through play and recreation.



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