Stone Angel Brewing Company Craft Brewery and Taproom

Client: Stone Angel Brewing Company Ltd.
Prime Consultant: DGH Engineering Ltd.
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

In January 2017, DGH was engaged by Stone Angel Brewing Company to renovate a vacant building to accommodate the industrial process required for a craft brewery, as well as the food service requirements of the customer receiving area and taproom. The project required structural modifications to many portions of the existing structure, and an upgraded electrical service was installed in order to connect the process equipment and HVAC requirements. Careful attention was given to the owner's needs and objectives, from process and functional requirements through to the small details for the human spaces, including customer reception areas.

Renovating an existing structure to suit the needs of a craft brewery comes with inherent challenges. The special effort devoted to dealing with the unexpected challenges of the renovation contributed to making the project a success by controlling costs and adhering to project schedule. The owner was well pleased with the outcome.



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