Thompson Creek Metals (TCM) Mine Site Residence

Client: Thompson Creek Metals
Prime Consultant: DGH Engineering Ltd.
Location: North Central British Columbia

Thompson Creek Metals required a high-quality residence facility for mining personnel and ancillary staff at a remote mining location. DGH provided a unique solution in its design and delivery of a prefabricated three-storey, 350-bedroom camp facility constructed in a remote, high-security location in North Central British Colombia. The structure was prefabricated in Southern Alberta and delivered as stackable steel frame modules to form a permanent staff residence on a new mine site. DGH provided complete design services for all engineering disciplines. The facility included hotel style dormitories, a full commercial kitchen including food preparation and storage, recreational facilities including movie theatre, music room, games areas, infirmary, exercise facilities for both yoga and fitness, and full gymnasium.

Work in remote locations can involve a number of challenges. The unique design concept using modular steel construction allowed many of these challenges to be mitigated appropriately. Modular building design can limit environmental impact, as the buildings can be removed after the mining operation is complete; off-site modular construction is more cost effective when compared to on-site construction; the all-steel construction provides enhanced safety and durability relative to conventional construction. DGH used durability and reliability as guiding principles in this project, as maintenance and unexpected shutdowns at sites in remote locations can result in significant negative impacts to mining operations. The occupancy of the facility presented challenges dealing with peak demand tied to shift changes. Carefully sized systems achieved cost-effective design and emergency electrical systems were put in place to avoid disruptions to the facilities operations.



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