Our Experience

DGH has over thirty years of experience providing engineering services to the agriculture sector and has gained a proven track record providing full-scope design services for agricultural facilities as part of our engineering services.

Our projects include the design of high-quality specialized spaces for agricultural research and commercial production facilities across Canada. We have partnered with industry to develop biodigesters used for the recapture of biogas. Our agricultural design expertise includes the design of crop storage, food processing facilities, and large-scale greenhouses, as well as livestock facilities.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

DGH has taken a proactive step in helping farmers access funds through the Government of Canada's Agricultural Clean Technology Program (ACT).

In addition to our trusted engineering services, we also offer the following specialized services to help agricultural businesses gain efficiencies:

  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis for energy efficiency improvements for agricultural processes

  • Energy Modeling and Auditing

  • Engineering Design of energy efficiency improvements for agricultural processes

  • Farm Systems Analysis for the implementation of precision agriculture practices

  • Analysis and Planning for crop nutrient management technologies that optimize fertilizer application, such as manure injection

  • Design of biodigesters and anaerobic digesters for processing agricultural waste into bioenergy

  • Specialized Building and HVAC Design

  • Replacing fossil fuels with green energy for building and process heating

  • Assistance with applying for funding through the Agricultural Clean Technology Program

  • Assistance with applying for funding through Efficiency Manitoba

  • Environmental Permits and Licensing

In addition to these services, many of our Food Processing services can be leveraged for Agricultural Purposes.

DGH Food Processing Winnipeg

Want to learn more about our Agricultural Engineering and Farm Systems Analysis services?

Our approach to each of our projects is simple - provide consistent, excellent engineering advice including drawings and specifications delivered on time and on budget. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call or email us for a complete list of services.

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