Extensive experience

Our electrical engineering team has extensive experience in electrical systems for diverse types of buildings and facilities and a wide scope of applications. Beginning at the planning stage and continuing throughout construction completion, we are focused on the immediate and anticipated needs of our client and their building. Our electrical designs are robust, efficient, cost effective, and intuitive.

The following are some of the services we provide:

  • Power system studies for designing and analysing the electrical distribution system

    • Analysis of a short circuit
    • Load flow
    • Motor starting over-current coordination
    • Arc Flash hazard analysis
    • Electrical equipment life cycle costing analysis
    • Reliability analysis (IEEE Std. 493)
    • Failure rate, often expressed as failures per year per component (failures per unit/year)
    • Downtime to repair or replace a component after it fails in service, expressed in hours (or minutes) per failure
    • Preventative maintenance for distribution system design
  • Protective devices coordination study (IEEE Std. 242)

  • Power quality analysis

  • Voltage power line continuous monitoring systems installation, analysing the systems adequacy, safety, and efficiency

  • Study and analysis of harmonic disturbances (IEEE STD 519-2014, MH Power Quality specification PQS2000)

  • Power factor correction design

  • Medium voltage (1KV-63KV) distribution design

  • Electrical hazardous location classification

  • Fire alarm design

  • Low voltage (120V-600V) distribution design

  • Life safety design

  • Interior and exterior lighting design

  • CCTV design

  • Security systems design

DGH Electrical Engineering Winnipeg

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Our approach to each of our projects is simple - provide consistent, excellent engineering advice including drawings and specifications delivered on time and on budget. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call or email us for a complete list of services.

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