Our fire and building code specialists help you develop efficient and cost-effective fire safety engineering solutions, from concept to completion to the ongoing life of your building. We work to understand your priorities, helping you stay within your schedule and budget.

Our team is experienced in completing fire load calculations for classifications of industrial buildings and can compile reports for permitting and occupancy.

DGH's in-house team can develop tailor-made firestop submittal packages for your building project to ensure firestopping materials are within budget and contribute your project goals.

The following are some of the services we provide:

  • Firestop Submittals

    • Review project firestopping needs
    • Select appropriate firestop systems and products
    • Compile firestop submittal packages for submission to project designers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction to expedite occupancy
  • Alternative Solution Proposals

    • Review project needs for Building Code acceptable solutions to be substituted
    • Review Objectives, Functional Statements, Intent, and Application Statements
    • Propose alternatives to the Code acceptable solutions for client review
    • Prepare formal Alternative Solutions proposal documentation for submittal to the Authority Having Jurisdiction
  • Fire Load Calculations

    • Review of building content for fire load values
    • Provide reports, including recommendations for building classification based on fire load analysis
  • Code Compliance Drawings

    • Code analysis of proposed floor plans: including fire, life safety, and accessibility requirements of the National Building Code of Canada and applicable provincial Codes and Amendments
    • Part 3 and Part 9 Code Review
    • In-house creation of Building Code review drawings coordinated with our design teams to demonstrate Code compliance for permit application submittals to Authorities Having Jurisdiction

Want to learn more about our Fire Safety Engineering services?

Our approach to each of our projects is simple - provide consistent, excellent engineering advice including drawings and specifications delivered on time and on budget. If you do not see what you are looking for, please call or email us for a complete list of services.

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